Weddings: Corona virus and lockdown in Nigeria.

The Aso Ebi Syndrome at Nigerian Weddings

Nowadays, there’s no other topic in the media or on people’s lips save for Corona virus. The world has undoubtedly been impacted by this dreadful virus. The virus has affected so many activities ranging from business, schooling, work, church, mosque, and everything that involves the gathering of people,causing the world to resort to alternative means of getting things done through the use of the internet.

The Nigerian wedding industry is also one of those industries affected by the Corona virus lockdown. The Nigerian wedding industry is worth millions of dollars according to the market research group TNS global.

This is actually bad market for Nigerians. Almost every Nigerian has an Owambe party to attend each weekend, being the fun loving people we are that love to party.

This lockdown is especially bad for  couples who planned their weddings in this period . Imagine ! After waiting all these years to meet “the one”, then you meet him or her, you court for some time, in most cases years ; now you take your time, energy and resources to prepare for that big day only for Corona virus to hit and change your plans. It’s actually devastating.

If you are one of those couples in this category, here are some few tips that might help :

Remind yourself that this is not the end of the world but the beginning of your love story.

You and your partner should understand that this is a phase the world is going through and soon it would be a thing of the past. Also the lockdown is necessary to prevent the virus from spreading further . Create new magical moments in this period of lockdown that you can share later.



You should spend time to talk a lot in this period and if you stay far from each other, you can do video calls, send voice notes and pictures to fill in each other’s day. You’ll realize that this would breach the gap in location and cause both of you to bond even more.

Encourage each other.

It’s no doubt that this is a difficult time and there are some days that even the strongest of us would feel down. At that time be a source of encouragement to your partner. Speak words of positivity. You can even pray together and you’ll find that much needed peace. Both of you just have to be hopeful.


Live stream your wedding.

With a lot of things going virtual now, you and your partner can also do an online wedding.If you both live within close proximity, you can call your pastor or priest, few important friends, and family members who stay around also, maybe 10 people as we are trying to avoid crowd now. But remember to tell them to wear a face mask and gloves for protection. Then you can stream the wedding and let other members of the family and friends connect .

The good thing is that you can still have your reception later on after the lockdown is lifted and even more fun, you make your postponed wedding a vow renewal.

Hopefully this pandemic would be over and then we can all go back to our weekend Owambe parties.


Author: Amarachukwu Ogbonnaya

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