The expensive city of Dubai in a couple of years via its innovation and aesthetical designs and structures have proven to be among the top homes of luxury tourism and a city that has been specially organized and structured to leave every expatriate with a lifelong exciting memory of fun, luxury, endless shopping, and utmost satisfaction.

A piece of universal knowledge and fact about Dubai is that it is expensive; It is known for its luxury hotels and five–star restaurant, expensive health service, expensive transport system, expensive food, big malls, expensive accommodation, sky-high views/ buildings which contributes to why it is expensive.

These have created a perception of the city to be a place that can only be visited or afforded by high earners, people of the upper class, the wealthy, and the elites.

Undoubtedly, Dubai is expensive, but it has been able to create alternative systems, structures, and fun-filled places/activities that can be afforded by average earners or budget travelers.

There are provisions and availability of free activities and ways one can save despite the truth that to enjoy high-end Dubai, you need to spend a lot of money.

Traveling to Dubai on a budget is possible and is also fun-filled as there are events, restaurants, tourist centers one can attend or visit in the glamorous city of Dubai at minimal cost, irrespective of the fact that the city was structured in such a way that it draws out much money as possible from visitors/expatriates.

Aside from massive shopping malls, expensive events, food, and activities there are a lot of cheap things, events, and activities that are even more fun-filled and depict the original Emirati culture than shopping at expensive malls, eating expensive food, and carrying out activities that cost a lot.

Camel racing is one of the few free things one can enjoy in Dubai as it is even a real and original Emirati Culture. Camel racing takes place in Dubai Camel Racing Club usually on Fridays from 6:00 am to 8:00 am, only from November to March.

For lovers of Gold, the Deira Gold Souq sells some of the cheapest gold jewelry in the World. Deira Gold Souq is built in such a way that non-gold freaks can stroll down the alleys to take good pictures and this is a lot of fun. Seeing tourists posing for a picture in front of Gold Souq is attractive and appealing, constituting fun.

Street wrestling is another event that can be enjoyed by a Dubai budget traveler.

The activity is popular in Pakistan, Indian, and Iraq. It is greatly watched by Pakistani and Indian workers on Friday afternoons. The atmosphere created as a result of this event is the reason behind the massive turnout of Pakistani and Indian workers not necessarily the fight, as it also takes them far away from the flashy and poseur city of Dubai.

With as cheap as one Dirham, one can enjoy an awesome ride in the Abra; a traditional water taxi use to cross the Dubai Creek from Bur Dubai to Deira on the opposite side. The wooden boat also has a fascinating fishtail carved out of wood.

Visiting the Dubai Museum in Bastakiya is cheap as it cost just 3 Dirhams. The History of the UAE’s is greatly Concise, beginning from the black gold time. Also, giving visitors a glance of future innovative projects. Skyscrapers/Sky-high views are one of the various things Dubai is known for and they are appealing and free to see.

The walk at the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is the best thing to do in Dubai as a budget traveler. In Jumeirah Beach residence there are camels, the beach, free Wi-Fi, and clean toilets. Accommodation is expensive and almost not affordable for budget travelers as Dubai has more Five Star Hotels, Skyscrapers, and many others.

There is now light in the tunnel as regards accommodation as there are now budget hostels.

This is the best budget option for budget travelers as it is located in front of the beach in the most Western-friendly neighborhood in the city. The hostel offers various dorms as it is a 66th-floor apartment.

Food is a major need of man and highly indispensable, and a major reason that discourages Dubai budget travelers as feeding is heavenly expensive.

To save more money as a budget traveler in Dubai, avoid or forget eating in hotels and restaurants where they serve alcohol, because they charge double. Eat at mall food courts. If your accommodation has a kitchen is better you buy groceries in the supermarkets and cook at home or you eat in Old Dubai. Use the metro instead of taxis as they are expensive.

There are a lot of amazing cheap offers that are fascinating, event,s and places that are fun-filled and available for Dubai budget travelers, despite being a glamorous high-end city.

So erase the fear of having to spend hugely in this tremendous fascinating city and pack your bag if you are a budget traveler, grab all the offers available to you, and maximize to the fullest your daily fun-filled stay in the city of Dubai.









Author: Amarachukwu Ogbonnaya

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