Traveling Solo? Here’s Why You Should 

Traveling Solo? Here’s Why You Should 

Traveling solo can be very exciting, especially when it’s a fun trip or vacation and it doesn’t have to do with work. Many people don’t love the idea of traveling solo because they feel it’ll be lonely, scary or boring. 

As someone who loves traveling, whether, in groups or solo, I have decided that traveling solo is a better option and has endless benefits. Although I’ve always loved traveling in groups, I changed my mind after I traveled solo for the first time. If you have never traveled solo, these are a few reasons why you should try it out.

Traveling Solo? Here’s Why You Should 

Traveling solo is less expensive and easier to plan

Traveling alone helps you save more and spend less since you’re only budgeting for one. Most times when you travel in groups you will be forced to spend on unnecessary expenses like using private taxis when you can take public transport if you’re alone. 

You’ll be more focused and also make new friends

It is easier to make new friends when you’re alone and not in the company of others because you will seem more approachable and spike up your social skills. Also traveling alone helps you focus and engage more with your environment so you can create memories from them. Most times when you travel in groups, you get lost in talking about things and end up making no memories or no new friends from the trip. Traveling solo helps you meet new people who will inspire you and you’ll, in turn, learn new things from them.

You’re in control

You’re in control of your activities, travel itinerary and time when you travel solo. You can make decisions on a whim, and also decide to add a few more days to your trip, wake up at any time, binge watch a series without anyone interfering.

Traveling Solo? Here’s Why You Should 

traveling solo helps you become self-confident

Traveling solo helps you ask questions when you’re lost in a place or you don’t understand anything about where you are. If you’re in groups, you could just ask someone else to help you find out, but being alone gives you the confidence to approach people and learn new things.

Traveling solo helps you learn about yourself more

Before I went on a trip alone, I always thought that traveling with people was the best thing. I wasn’t focused and I couldn’t decide on what to do with my time. After my first trip alone, I had time to face who I was, plan out my future and make some decisions I don’t regret today. 

Traveling solo will help boost your career 

There is a surge of remote job opportunities for experienced solo travelers, people tend to focus on you as a solo traveler, especially if you have a large number of followers you can influence.

Final Thoughts

A single trip alone can help change your views and experience about life. It will also help you gain confidence and test your abilities especially if you’re an introverted person.


Happy new year tribe, I miss y’all.

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