Top Post-COVID-19 Career Opportunities

Top Post-COVID-19 Career Opportunities
Be it working from home or learning online, COVID-19 is shaping our future in many ways. You might be wondering what the future holds when all this ends.
Below are some of the top post-COVID-19 career opportunities and the resources to help you succeed in the post-COVID-19 world:

Online learning will continue to expand

With schools and universities shut down around the world, more students are learning online.
An article from the World Economic Forum states that online learning has been shown to increase retention of information, and take less time, meaning the changes COVID-19 have caused might be here to stay.
If you are a teacher, it is essential for you to know the e-learning theories and methodologies in order to teach online effectively.
If you are a student, it is important for you to know how to learn online effectively.
Also, lots of teachers/tutors will be needed virtually and e-learning will be on the rise. We advise you upskill/reskill in these areas.
Businesses will be more reliant on technology
Tips for surviving this pandemic as an entrepreneur
Businesses around the world are diving into the digital pool and implementing digital accessibility as a business practice.
The latest survey from PwC said 77% of CFOs are expecting an increase in permanent remote working following the COVID-19 crisis.
Be it working from home effectively, or conducting team meetings online, there are lots of online courses to help you in these areas and have put together these tools/resources to help you optimize the way you work and communicate in the post-COVID-19 world.
Zoom Video Conferencing, MS Office Suite, Effective Communication Skills, Time Management skills, Marketing, Management, Emotional Intelligence, Multitasking skills, communication skills, are becoming required skills.
Top Post-COVID-19 Career Opportunities
Top Post-COVID-19 Career Opportunities
Demand for Healthcare Professionals
As hospitals become overrun, healthcare workers are in even higher demand than ever before. A recent report of the World Health Organization shows a global shortfall of almost 6 million nurses.
From clinical staffs like Nurses and Caregivers to non-clinical positions like Pharmacy Techs, the demand for Healthcare workers is only going to shoot up.
Gaining skills in the Healthcare sector could be your next career move.
Continue upskilling/reskilling yourself
The job market has changed drastically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
When this crisis is over, the job market is going to be more competitive.
By making the most of your time while indoors, you will showcase real initiative and stand out from the competition.
Continue upskilling/reskilling yourself with various range of online courses on the internet.
There are various online courses you will benefit from during this period.
Make the most out of this opportunity. Skill up!

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