Tips to keep children engaged in this period of Corona virus Isolation

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The world is going through trying moments with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in the shutting down of economic and social activities in many countries of the world in order to curtail the spread of the deadly virus.

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This has resulted in the closing down of all categories of schools. Parents and their children are temporarily confined to their homes. For the parents and guardians, the safety of their children while at home during this period is at the center of their thoughts while at the same time working from home. It has, therefore, become necessary to consider the following five tips to keep the children safely engaged during this period.

Draw up a Routine.

Most children who go to school are used to a consistent routine, so school closure means their normal sense of routine has been disrupted, creating a routine will be the first step to keeping them occupied.
With assistance from the children, draw up an interim daily or weekly plan of routine children activities at home and keep them gainfully engaged in activities that result in learning new things.

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Studying, Learning and school work.
Practice school skills and make the forced holiday a time to learn. With the help of e-learning for children, you can set up a learning syllabus for your kids depending on their age. Get kids to read as well as listening to audiobooks. Use an activity sheet to get feedback.

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Family time.
Have family sessions and discuss the coronavirus (COVID_19) with them, it’s dangers and basic effects, precautions to prevent being infected, including telling them about social distancing and how to keep safe distances and trying to make handwashing and hygiene fun. This will make them less anxious. Create time to listen and share their worries.

Exercise and sporting activities.
Exercise is one of the important ways to keep kids occupied during this coronavirus pandemic. It does not only keep them busy, but exercise is also critical for children’s mental and physical health. Parents could create an indoor exercise and sporting activities like tables tennis, kids friendly dance, physically active games, fitness or yoga lessons. This would be fun for children who are hyperactive.

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Social engagements
In as much as parents are advised to limit their children’s technology use, this period of isolation might be very boring and stressful for kids who are used to being around friends. Parents should give their kids the opportunity to get social, like a supervised Skype time with a friend, enriching fun content on tv, games, and videos from more educational sources. This would help engage children who are bored. Parents should remember to monitor what content their children are exposed to.


The above tips, if properly coordinated, will definitely keep the kids meaningfully engaged each day in such a way that stress and anxieties are controlled during this stay home period. It will also make the holiday period a time to remember and crave for by the children.

I hope you are practicing social distancing and washing your hands? Stay safe!!!

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6 thoughts on “Tips to keep children engaged in this period of Corona virus Isolation

  1. Great tips! I feel for the families who don’t have a yard for kids to play in during this time. Thanks for sharing your helpful tips.

  2. Good tips especially the schedule. Children are used to their daily schedule and they don’t need to have chaos added to their days.

  3. These are awesome ideas. I currently do majority of these suggestion with my kiddos, but I haven’t incorporated a physical training time. I did come across a post where they suggested having kiddos do yoga, dance, or stretch exercise from YouTube instructors which I am going to search and get my kiddos moving.

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