Throwback to that time a lady came to fight me because of a man

Throwback to that time a lady came to fight me because of a man

Hi guys, its throwback season yeah and I have got lots of personal gists from way back and I have been laughing at these memories.

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In 2014, I moved to a new student lodge in town, called Camelot villa. this was in the days of Merlin, lol.

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Behold Camelot, not Camelot villa o

There was this cute neighbor of mine, a law student at the time, we became quite close, nah, not what you are thinking o; when he wasn’t reading, he would either come upstairs to my room or go to his friends’ house to chill.

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There was this lady seriously crushing on boda. One day she came to the house and after gisting, she pretended to sleep, she didn’t want to go, we tried all means to chase this girl, she didn’t bulge and the guy left her in his room and went to sleep at a male neighbor’s house.

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Very early the next day, while I was preparing to go to school, as per serious student nah, this lady barged into my room and started yelling at me, calling me a boyfriend snatcher, telling me how cute she and the guy are together because of their skin color and that I wasn’t anywhere near her.

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I was dumbstruck, let me write small English biko, I was speechless, I just kept staring at her mouth while she kept shouting, I didn’t want to chop slap because of man and so I kept calm.

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local geh cannot fight because of man and it wasn’t like there was anything going on between us, the guy didn’t just like her, the girl was weird and the guy didnt want wahala, he was single at the time and I was in a relationship, but aunty dinor know.

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Phewwwwwww, things we did in school sha, whats your own throwback memory, post it in the comment section, lets laugh about it.

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