Things to do in 2020

things to do in 2020

Happy new year ladies and gentlemen, I officially welcome you into a new decade, 2020.

Now that you are here in 2020, what’s your plan for the year?

Getting into a new year without a plan is not good, an adage says, ” He who fails to plan, plans to fail. ”

You won’t fail if you do these things:

1. Financial Investment:

Things to do in 2020

Some people would say save your money this year, but I want to ask you, after saving,  what next? Saving works when you have a need you plan to solve sometime in the near future, otherwise, I say invest. Invest helps settle lots of things such as vacation, weddings, miscellaneous, mishap, etc.

There are investment platforms you can try your hands on, such as connectivest, an online investment platform, afrivest, another online investment platform where your money can work for you while you sleep.

2. Travel:

things to do in 2020

Do not wait for when you have all the money in the world, what if it doesn’t happen? Chill, just saying.

Travel is the eyes through which you see the world. Travel is educative. Do not wait until you can afford to go to Europe.

Do you know you can travel on a budget? How about you start from Nigeria, let me ask you, how many states have you been to in Naija? I’ll bet you haven’t gone half the country, abi I lie? This year, plan to travel to at least 5 places (in or out of Nigeria). Check out summer destinations for the family in Nigeria, I wrote it here.

3. Personal Investment:

things to do in 2020

Invest in yourself, read books, take courses that will enhance your career and make you employable. Register on Professional job Platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed and get noticed by employers, if you are an entrepreneur, LinkedIn is your best bet to get clients, for freelancers, Fiverr is a platform for freelancers, registration is free, get on it and start promoting your skills, don’t dull.

things to do in 2020


Networking is one of the fastest ways of climbing the corporate ladder. Brand yourself and go for corporate events, do not be shy to meet people; HRs, CEOs, entrepreneurs and even newbies in the corporate world like yourself. Some years back, after my NYSC, after being told the same thing, I put on my corporate gown and attended seminars, workshops, conferences and that helped me build my profile. One of the ways I discovered such events was on the internet, long before event platforms came onboard, there is one I have always known and that’s Eventbrite, download the app and search for events in your location, if you can’t pay for some, search for the ones that are free and come and pay tithe to me later, lol. Packaging matters, in the corporate world, it’s called branding, make a complimentary card for yourself detailing your skills, wear good suits or trousers and shirts with good shoes, it helps in making you presentable.

5. Have fun:

things to do in 2020

All work and no play makes you a dull person, while working at getting better, do not forget to have fun, so many people have gotten ahead in life through relaxation, even big CEOs rest, you should too.

Happy new year once again from the Waka Waka Diary.


Author: Amarachi Ogbonnaya

I am a fun-loving Journalist with an uncanny nose for news. My views are always the end products of a deliberate search for information and knowledge. If you love reading, then you are exactly like me.

31 thoughts on “Things to do in 2020

  1. Very true. I always make goals but I didn’t achieve as many as I hoped in 2019, so had no plans to make any for 2020. I soon realized I shouldn’t stop having goals just because I didn’t succeed in all areas. I just repeated some goals for 2020 and made smaller goals for each month that will hopefully help me to achieve them.


  2. Well, it’s important to make plans and set goals.. But it’s more pertinent to have the actual way to execute it.
    Execution lacks in my own experience. So my plans this year will be to execute my thoughts one after the other.

  3. So true! Personal investment has helped me a lot. Most people don’t know how to network. 2019 was an awesome year for me because it made me meet and dine with people I never imagined. I would really encourage people to learn how to network. Attending seminar, conferences, workshops is a very good way of meeting people with high profile. I thank God for my 2019 and I know 2020 would be better. Good work Miss Amara and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  4. bs. you want to get paid, make sure to have a written and executed contract with a court costs, collection costs and local venue statement. also be prepared to file liens in a timely manner if they are available. As a consulting engineer, a properly executed mechanics lien can really screw up someone’s day. it has the effect of stopping all work on a project because banks will hold funds as soon as one is placed.

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