Specialty of Nigerian weddings

Nigerians are the kings and queens of pomp when it comes to weddings.

They can borrow millions just to have the perfect wedding.

Weddings according to Nigerian standard is not an affair for just the two partners involved. Families, Friends and even neighbors are on frenzy from the day the date is chosen.

Businesses are normally set up around the wedding and associated ceremonies.

Different shades of ‘asoebi’ are sold at exorbitant prices to prospective invitees. The asoebi business around weddings is puzzling. Some even coerce you to purchase the fabric, it doesn’t matter if you will eventually attend the wedding or not.

When the rich marry the rich in Nigeria, the wedding itself is on another level of pomp. I know of a very wealthy politician who imported canopies for his son’s wedding. Imagine the status quo of individuals that will grace that occasion.

The fashion being worn by the guests are planned months prior to the wedding. New styles are always on display. Women especially are pomped to outdo each other on latest styles. I have actually witnessed a wedding were the family of the bride and the groom were trying to outdo each other on souvenirs. While the former chose to send an Apple iPad Pro to each of their invitees, the latter chose theirs to be an Apple phone.

The wealth on display most times attracts uninvited guests. Because they are guaranteed free food and souvenirs.

Even when the weddings does not involve moneybags, Nigerians will mostly finds a way to make some class out of their classless wedding. You as a guest is guaranteed a fun filled and adventurous event.

However, If the marriage itself is as successful as the weddings, Nigerian will be the world capital of marriage counseling.

Author: Amarachukwu Ogbonnaya

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