Movie Premier: If Its Love

Movie Premier: If Its Love
A new movie is premiering today titled, “If its love.” Uzor is miraculously back from prison but it’s a different world now, the woman (Amaka) he went to prison for had moved on and marriage with a local successful businessman (Akachi) is in the works.
Now the difficult task of winning back her love is repelled fiercely by Amaka’s family and of course Akachi
Uzor’s desperation to win her love would land him in bigger trouble but an untold secret ensues, the truth becomes a bitter pill and a difficult choice is in their faces.
Movie Premier: If Its Love
Onny Michael, Georgina Ibeh, Emeka Amakaeze, Munachi Itumo, Philip Okoro, Sharon Joseph
Production Crew:
Created – Johnpaul Itumo
Supervisor – CJ Ezeugwu
Sound Operator – Steven Chukwugekwu
Editor – Gifson Okoro
Director – Chuks Nwali
Produced by Twilight Motion Pictures for Tmp NollyTv
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To watch the movie, click here.

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