Money heist season 4. Review and download

Money heist season 4. Review and download

Money heist is back to steal your attention!
The Spanish television heist crime drama series which was first released on May 9th 2017 has since then released three seasons until 2019. The last season ended with a lot of suspense and fans could not wait for the release of the fourth season  After a long wait by fans, money heist La casa de papel(House of paper) season 4 premiered on Friday 3rd April 2020 on Netflix.

Season 4 begins right where the last episode of season 3 ended, Nairobi, played by (Alba flores) was lured to the window and shot in the chest by the police, she was presumed dead as the bullets had penetrated through her lungs.

Season 4¬† comes as a form of relief to Nairobi’s fans, as she is still alive and her gang members try to save her life. But However, this happiness didn’t last long as Nairobi is shot in the head after she recovered by one of the governor’s bodyguards, while Lison is caught by the police and professor is on the run. Get ready to enjoy this brand new season, but make sure to have some tissue paper close by. Lol.


You can stream Money heist season 4 on

Not a registered member of Netflix? I got you covered! I will drop a link down below of websites where you can download Money heist season 4 for free on your mobile and PC.

You can download from here, or click here.

Have you watched money heist season 4 already? What are your thoughts? What do you think about this season?

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  1. The review of the film made me desire to see the season 4 and that is what a good write up does. More Wins dear

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