Mistakes Nigerian guests make when attending a wedding

Mistakes Nigerian guests make when attending a wedding

Nigerians are very adventurous people who love good food and weddings. Here are mistakes we as Nigerian guests make when attending an owanbe:

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Late coming: This is one mistake most wedding guests make and it ends up being a problem sometimes. Various problems may spring from being a latecomer, for weddings where it’s not strictly by invitation, you might not get an appropriate seat to sit on if you get there late because the place will be filled or worst still you might not get a seat at all.

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More often than not, people get to parties and they are told that foods and drinks have been exhausted and this is mostly because they arrived at the party late.
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Bringing too many guests: Nigerian guests love to turn up with their squads; even if they weren’t invited. There are weddings which are strictly by invitation and there are weddings which aren’t. For strictly by invitation weddings, the couple must have made adequate provisions for the exact number of guests invited and guests without invites cannot have access, but for the latter where it’s a free invite, it shouldn’t be enough reason for you to bring all your family and friends who weren’t invited to the occasion by the couple or their family.

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The couple might have made provisions for those whom they are aware are coming, extra persons might not be properly catered for in most situations.

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Forgetting to Take a gift along for the couple:
The main essence of any wedding is the celebration of love and one way to show the couple that you are truly celebrating them is by gifting them something, no matter how little. Everyone loves to receive gifts.
Don’t just go to the party empty-handed to eat, drink, dance and leave. It doesn’t speak well of you, but we no dey hear word.

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