Men are what?

Been a while, my tribe people, your girl has been hella busy. Y’all know I always gat your backs when it comes to gist right? today, I bring y’all gist about men.


The other day I went to the salon to make my hair, I heard a big gist, here’s some tea for y’all.

The Tea Woman GIF

Men are what again?

You know the phrase, “Men are scum?” uh-huh, I heard and saw it play out, calm down, I know you want to hear it too, just follow me.

I was minding my business as usual (yinmu), when this man came in with a lady, I thought it was so romantic you know to be escorted by boo, at least they looked the part.


I was still minding my business while my stylist made my hair, another stylist started making hers.

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Another lady enters to make her hair, and every one of us kept pressing our phones, I know, the gen z generation of phone pressers, lol.

The last lady finished hers first because she fixed a human hair; while I and the first lady were making braids, she called her boo to come pick her up.

phone GIF

This is where it got interesting…. drum roll please….. boo landed, we were all stunned when her boo came in, turns out her boo is the same man that brought the first lady in, we all saw him, so there was no denying the fact, remember that song by Harrysong, “Even your boo get a boo….?”

The first lady was too stunned to even speak, the man froze when he saw her, the only person oblivious to the drama was his second or is it first boo, pheeeeew.

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Needless to say, there was a mild drama at the salon that day. Turns out, one of the stylists had seen him bring another lady to the salon on a different date. Those stylists see a lot of things.

Taraji P Henson Reaction GIF by Tyler Perry's Acrimony

Which brings me to the question, why do men cheat?

Sad Tyler Perry GIF by Tyler Perry's Acrimony

I’ve got good news guys, remember that time I tweeted about been invited to give an online TED talk? the attendance link is out, click here to attend, it’s on the 12th of February, I’ll be speaking on freelancing, see you there!

In other news, Valentine is coming, where’s ya boyfriend?


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