I get her attention by breaking things”- the issue of bad parenting

I get her attention by breaking things"- the issue of bad parenting

Imagine my amazement when I bumped into a viral video on the internet of a young boy breaking things in the house, his reason?

“I break things in the house to get my mother’s attention, she refused to give me her passport and documents I requested for…”

The mother of the boy who shared her own side of the story in the video said he demanded some documents including her passport which he claimed he needed for a university program. However one of the eyewitnesses stated that he doesn’t need any of the documents he demanded.

The boy’s mother added that after she ignored him, he forcefully took her documents which she retrieved. He subsequently began breaking things in the house and also pouring food items on the floor.

When asked why he scattered his parents home by one of those who turned up at the scene of the incident, the boy replied by saying “he will get his mother’s attention by scattering the house”.

Research conducted by the University of Warwick found that poor parental upbringing influenced subsequent bullying, with the child being the aggressor or victim. However, negative parenting is more likely to make your child a bully in the long run.

The Parents Can Be Blamed if The Child is Bad - Esteem

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s knows that parenting used to have another meaning; allergies were rare, children roamed the neighborhoods on bicycles, and adventures without adult supervision were just around the corner.

Children who grew up in the 1990s could not leave home without being given a speech about the danger of approaching strangers and given an extra dose of vitamins, just in case.

But it turns out there are some things that lazy or neglectful parents did well.

Discuss with the children

“Because I say it!”

Every parent ends up saying this, whether they like it or not. What is the alternative? Sitting there debating with your 11-year-old son about the merits of a new toy truck?

How to handle Aggression in Preschoolers -

No, in these situations it is best to quickly stand up and make it clear who is the boss. Arguing with them about everything will only undermine your authority and turn your children into warlike, spoiled criminals. Also, what could be gained by arguing with a child?

The surprising benefit:

Actually, science says that these discussions provide excellent opportunities for your children to practice their reasoning, arguing, and negotiating skills. So, while they are using rational arguments and calmly explain their point of view, do not immediately become the alpha dog and end the conversation with “because I say so.” Your desire for an argument could actually save your young from a life drowned in alcohol and drugs, according to researchers at the University of Virginia.

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