How to plan your dream wedding virtually

In all of this pandemic, love conquers all. Here is how to plan your dream wedding virtually amidst the COVID-19 scare:

Plan virtually

In the whole of this pandemic, one thing that has gained relevance is the development of technology; do you know you can choose a wedding venue virtually?

Walk the entire journey of choosing wedding venues from the comfort of your home through virtual apps such as face time and Skype and other online video messaging apps, you can see the venues with a manager and ask questions like in real-time.

It is time to ditch the old method of planning for virtual methods.

Shop online for suits and wedding gowns

Online retail sales have skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic and lockdown; it is time to take online retailing very seriously. Shop for your bridal accessories; from wedding gowns to suits, wedding rings, wristwatches, and many more. They will be delivered to your home.

Virtual vendor consultations and meetings

Even though it’s not everything that can be done virtually such as making your hair or cake tasting, consulting with your vendors virtually is very feasible.

Set up a meeting via Skype or face time with prospective photographers, coordinators, floral designers, videographers, and many more, they can show you samples of jobs done in the past, send links to galleries of weddings covered in the past, and take you through the details of their packages and contracts.

Organize virtual Pre-wedding Events

We are social distancing, so what? Who says you can’t have a party virtually? It’s time to explore the wonders of technology.

Set up a virtual bachelor party or bridal shower and have fun. P.S. you do not need to worry about gifts.

The virtual parties replace the in-house gathering of family and friends as a result of social distancing and just have fun.

Live stream your wedding

Yay, it’s your wedding day, it doesn’t matter where you hold it. For the technology-thinking couple who wants to get married regardless of what’s going on in the world, a live-streamed wedding is perfect. What you need is a fast internet connection; here is how to arrange one:

Select a streaming service

With the development of technology, comes an influx of streaming services, both paid and free such as Zoom Video Conferencing, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and many others. It’s best to be on multiple sites so your guests can have options, it’s better that way.

Coordinate vendors

I know you’d say you want pictures and videos to remember this unique wedding, invite your vendors online to celebrate with you. They can document the event digitally through the options on streaming platforms.

Invite guests

Instead of sharing printed invitation cards offline, why not mail them to family and friends and those who wish to celebrate with you on this joyous occasion?

Send them the links to these streaming platforms to celebrate with you digitally, we could all try something new and fun.

Set up

Setup using your phone or tablet or camera on a tripod for the live streaming wedding ceremony, open up your windows, let the natural light from the sky give your room an illuminating streak of light, set the mood by putting on some music and open champagne to add energy to the day by toasting to your special virtual day.

Wedding streamers: Indonesia couple takes big day online to keep ...

Dress up

Who cares if it’s in a church or the internet, the goal is to be married to the love of your life amidst whatever is going on in the world right?

Then dress up, close your eyes and envision your dream wedding right in front of you and just breathe, because it is really happening. Remember, you are the star of this movie, walk it, own it.

A virtual reception or after-party should be in place

This might not be compulsory, but a little partying won’t hurt. You can organize your virtual reception on Platforms such as Google Hangouts and invite your invited guests.

Wedding streamers: Indonesia couple takes big day online to keep ...

Remind your guests that this is a wedding and as such, they should act the part and come beautifully dressed to have fun.

You can decide to include formalities like a first dance, a toast by playing slow love songs in the background while you and your partner go all mushy on the dance floor in your living room.

At least you have some great stories to tell your kids about your dream wedding, it will be fun.

I’d like to witness this in Nigeria, it’d be fun guys!!!

How to plan your dream wedding amidst COVID-19

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  1. Really, who says you cannot have a virtual wedding? Nice piece. I think I’ll think about Walking the Isle this pandemic season

    Afterall, it’s virtual!

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