How to migrate to Canada

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Immigration to Canada can be a daunting process; the chances of getting a visa are dependent on quite a number of things and the entire process could last from a period of 6 months to 18 depending on a number of factors.

Canada has been widely regarded as one of the most immigrant-friendly countries with a thriving immigration process, achieving your visa application is dependent on things like your age, skill level, and level of education.

There are various methods of migration to Canada with different requirements and visa application and processing time.

How to migrate to Canada

Express entry

This method allows skilled workers to immigrate into the country depending on the value their skills can contribute to the Canadian economy and meets the demands of its labor market. There are three immigration programs under Express Entry, each with its own requirements.

  • A federal skilled Worker program
  • Federal skilled trades program

Canadian experience class.

It is probably the easiest and competent way to migrate, with one of the fastest visa processing times, a period of six to eight months.

Family sponsorship

If you already have family in Canada who are above the legal age and are either Canadian citizens or permanent residents of the state of Canada then they could sponsor your visa.

Immigration as a provincial nominee

Various territories and provinces in Canada can target workers who match certain skills or educational requirements that they need to contribute to their economy.

How to migrate to Canada

The criteria and requirements change based on territory. There are two processes of the application under this. They are:

  • Paper-based process
  • Online process
  • Refugee and Asylum

If you feel your life is at risk by virtue of race, religion, sexual orientation, torture, and unusual cruel punishment in your home country you can seek asylum in Canada. However, asylum seekers undergo a rigorous process because their claims have to be legitimatized.


As of June 2019, if you have experience working as a home and/or child care provider or support, you could apply to get a work permit to work and stay in Canada, temporarily or permanently.

If you have previous experience working in Canada as a home caregiver, your chances of getting a permanent residence are improved.

Quebec-selected skilled workers

The province of Quebec has a unique arrangement regarding immigration with the government of Canada; it has its own rules and processes for choosing immigrants.

How to migrate to Canada

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This program helps students who graduate and want to stay in Atlantic Canada even after they have graduated; it also helps employers hire international workers who are skilled and want to immigrate to Canada.

If all requirements are met the candidate gets permanent resident status in Canada.

Start-up and self-employed visa

The start-up visa program allows people who have started a business, created jobs, and supported start-ups which improve the economy to apply for work permits and permanent residence in Canada.

The self-employed visa allows people with at least two years minimum experience in cultural and athletic activities and a means to support their family to apply for Canadian residence.

Finding the right program for your visa application can speed up your immigration process.


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