How to enjoy the lockdown as a sport fan


How are you enjoying the lockdown as a sport fan?

Sport fans and the covid-19 lockdown

Sports fans around the world are left with only memories and clips of previous matches before the lockdown.

Footballers, basketball players, car racers and so much more are donating money to support the solution or reduction of the deadly disease.

You aren’t enjoying the lockdown and want to see your favorite player on the pitch once again, but no thanks to COVID-19 it is not possible.

There are four tips to keep yourself entertained as a sport fan during this pandemic lockdown.

  1. Dress up in your favorite sport kit.


How to enjoy the lockdown as a sport fan

While missing your star players, get up and get kitted up in your teams Jersey.

This sounds like a normal thing you do but having your kit in gives you the morale of a champion but if your team isn’t doing that well you could tease other clubs or teams.

It is fun when you involve the family as the lockdown can’t permit above 20 people in a gathering.

     2. Start a rehearsal or demo

Get into the act of your favorite footballer or basketball player,

the way they walk, smile and come unto the pitch. (Just the way you see it in the television)

Rehearse what you enjoy seeing as a fan.

     3. Get into action

How to enjoy the lockdown as a sport fan

You could go online and check how to set up a mini field and Enjoy the moment.

You can create space in your compound or front of your home.

In your teams Jersey you then come on after rehearsal.

Give the charisma and enthusiasm like you’re the star and fans are watching from all over the world.

Line up and shake your team mates you rehearsed with.

      4. Record

Make sure you get if not all, part of the match according to your energy (30 minutes or 15 minutes).

These are memories that will stick even after the lockdown.

If you’re a tennis lover you could do the same and enjoy the lockdown.

Sport fans can enjoy sharing with friends and family,

Get the best of the times you’re spending with your family and loved ones.

You can make it as a #lockdownchallenge to friends.

Remember sports are also forms of exercise to keep you healthy and fit.


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