Harnessing LinkedIn to land that dream job in 2020.

Harnessing LinkedIn to land that dream job in 2020.

87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn when searching for ideal candidates- Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey says.

This is because the networking site has 500 million users worldwide, reaching 200 countries and territories around the globe.

If you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the job seekers on LinkedIn, here are nine ways to successfully harness LinkedIn to land that dream job in 2020:

Use keywords multiple times

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Since there is no space input resumes, your Linkedin profile is your online resume, and so in order for a recruiter to find you, you but include the proper search keywords in your profile.

Use your keywords at least 3-5 times throughout your profile, for instance, in each job entry, the summary and under technical skills.

If you are able to use your keywords multiple times, you will appear higher in job searches, use keywords well. For instance, use an accountant, not budgeting.

Be Reachable

Before a recruiter even has your resume in hand, they must find you, and all start by searching for candidates by job title.

Job titles appear in bold on your profile under Experience and should reflect the common titles recruiters are searching for today.

Using a title that is more descriptive rather than “founder” or “owner” is also important, as job descriptions are collapsed on a mobile device on LinkedIn, leaving only the titles visible.

Use the right zip code

Most recruiters make use of zip codes to search for candidates.

This means if you’re looking for a job in America, and you live in Nigeria, you won’t be found because you do not have an American zip code on your profile.

You can choose how your location and other profile fields appear to other members from the introduction card on your profile. This is where you insert your Zip code.

Your LinkedIn profile typically shows your geographic region and not the specific city you live in.

Have at least three recommendations.

Recommendations from leaders within your industry are always a plus.

Choose the correct industry.

On LinkedIn, there are financial services and there’s banking. If you are looking for a position as the director of finance in the pharmaceutical industry, you want to choose pharmaceuticals, not finance.”

Establish a large network. 

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Joining LinkedIn and creating a detailed profile is the first step. Knowing how to grow your network is the next essential piece of the puzzle.

The best place to get started is with the people you already know, such as former classmates and co-workers. Then add people you meet at networking events.

Job seekers at a minimum should have 200 connections. Once you get to 200, go for 300; once you get to 300, try for 400. Just keep adding, adding. If you are a job seeker, you can’t have a large enough network.

Tap search to find the perfect job. 

Job search filters allow you to drill down into the aspects of a particular role that matter to you such as location, company, experience level, industry, and job function. If you’re a Premium Career member, you are also able to filter by salary range, and see the fastest growing companies hiring for your particular industry or job. Set alerts for the companies and jobs you’re interested in and update your career preferences with what you’re seeking. This way you’ll receive daily personalized job recommendations, some of which you can apply to straight from your phone.

Signal that you’re open to new opportunities by turning on Open Candidates in your career preferences. 

Open Candidates allows you to quietly job search by privately signaling to recruiters that you’re open to new opportunities. This also increases your chances of showing up in searches when recruiters are researching candidates.

Be an active LinkedIn user.

Posting regularly, even daily, is an effective way to stay visible within your professional network. You don’t have to post original content; you can share something from another source. But be sure to post content that is meaningful and aligns with the interests of your connections. Avoid negativity and controversial issues and always keep it professional.

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