Fun things to do while at home

Fun things to do while at home

Hello waka tribe, being stuck in the house is a feeling worst than depression, and I get that we are all feeling exhausted and tired of the constant worry that accompanies the coronavirus epidemic going on globally, oh, I was too and decided to join in the #godsgothewholeworldchallenge on Instagram, see mine here.

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While we await the cure, we are uninterested in being confined to the housea bit angst if I’ll add and beginning to get restless, heck, a number of us may have even finished all the series on Netflix, but worry not, I even have compiled an inventory of fun things to try to while at homethey can be played with your family or by yourself, your choice exactly.

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Play a game of board: shut off the TV and challenge the family to a board game. Introduce the youngsters to a classic like Snakes N Ladders or Monopoly, or try a more modern one like Settlers of Catan that you simply can all learn together or an old fashion game, catch me if you’ll, police, and thief (for my Nigerian readers).

Put together an epic puzzle. When you’ve much time on your hands, get your hands busy. It’ll take your mind off boredom, and completing an enormous puzzle feels great.

Watch a rom-com marathon. I’ll admit it, romantic comedies have stolen my heart.

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Sing along to some Disney songs. Get your endorphins flowing by taking it back to childhood. Belt out your favorite musical hits from Disney movies!

Plan your next getaway. Don’t just daydream about getting faraway from it all. Do it right and truly search the travel sites for plane tickets and hotel rooms for when all of this is over

Build a fort. Kids know this already: The couch cushions or a few chairs and blankets make an awesome wonderland. Embrace your inner child, or let your kids show you the way.

Get a workout in. You don’t need a gym membership to sweat it out. Pull-on your favorite leggings, choose a workout app and get your blood moving.

Write a letter. In this age of text messages and FaceTime, we no longer write out our feelings in long-form. Get out some nice paper and write some lines to a lover or loved one.

Watch a sports game. No sports on TV? line up some classic old games.

Call a lover or friend. If you’re not a text person, take charge of the phone or video call a faraway friend, as an additional connection really causes you to feel closer.

Watch a performance. Rather than turning on Netflix, watch a web opera, ballet, or symphony.

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Learn a new language. Thanks to apps like Duolingo, you can stretch your mental muscles wherever you are.

Watch a movie solo. Getting whatever snacks you want, hoarding the couch, and laughing or crying as loud as you want: Movies make an excellent date for one.

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Have a dance party. Turn on some tunes and get those socks hoppin’. Throw it back with oldies from your glory days or find some hot new stuff to shake your booty.

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Learn a dance. Download the Tik Tok app and challenge yourself to learn one of the trending dances everyone is doing.

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Play a video game. If you don’t have a gaming console, try some of the fun new games that are added to the app store on your phone every day.


Stay safe guys and do not forget to sanitize your hands!!!

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