Delicious Foods you can eat at Igbo weddings

Delicious Foods you can eat at Igbo weddings

Igbo traditional weddings are a festive affair, from the outfits to the ceremonials, to the dancing, music and eventually the food.

At every Nigerian wedding, most people lookout for the food that would be served after getting a full picture of the couple’s outfits and decorations of the venue. Food is such a crucial aspect of the Igba Nkwu (Igbo traditional wedding) a lot of it, and the bride is expected to seek out her husband and feed him some palm-wine.

Here are a number of traditional foods you’ll come across at Igbo weddings.



Abacha is one of those delicacies that most people want to have in large quantities. But at Igbo traditional weddings, it is usually served as a starter or an appetizer. The delicious meal is made from shredded and dried cassava.

Garri and Ofe Onugbu

Ofe Onugbu

This is another delicacy that you would find at an Igbo traditional wedding. It’s delicious and healthy and the most interesting part is that the soup can be eaten on its own. It is not the easiest soup to make as a bitter leaf can be difficult to work with.



Nkwobi is unarguably one of the most sought after dishes across the country. It is a delicacy that is made with assorted meats, spices, and vegetables. It is usually served to guests at an Igbo traditional wedding.

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