Crushed Rock; Abuja residents discover new tourist spot

Crushed Rock; Abuja residents discover new tourist spot

I bring you all a new tourist destination site in Abuja, Nigeria, Africa; crushed Rock.

An abandoned quarry in Nigeria, crushed Rock has become a tourist hotspot after images were posted on social media earlier this month.

The rocky cliffs climbing into a blue sky, a moss-lined footpath, small green hills and a lake that shimmers in the sun are quite breath-taking and a set of images shared on Twitter at the beginning of August has thrilled residents of Abuja.

In a matter of days, the site, known as crushed Rock, in Mpape – a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital Abuja – was thronged.

Abuja crushed rock

However, there is a burgeoning community of hikers around Abuja inspired by the many expatriates living in the political capital.

The coronavirus pandemic has also had a part to play in encouraging these young middle-class Nigerians to explore the hills in the country’s rocky central region.

The lockdown, which prevented people from traveling elsewhere, has meant that places closer to home are being explored.

The area around Mpape, which means “rock” in the local Gwari language, supplied much of the stone used to transform Abuja from a small village in the 1980s into the country’s capital city.

The lake at Mpape Crushed Rock near Abuja, Nigeria

“The quarry has existed for more than 10 years,” said Mpape resident Courage Ebenz, who is somewhat bemused by the sudden influx of city-dwellers.

The sun indeed sets in Nigeria, Africa.

Author: Amarachukwu Ogbonnaya

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