Annoying things guests do at weddings that couples hate

annoying things guests do that couples hate

Weddings are usually planned around making guests comfortable and happy and both the couple and planners make a fuss of this, but some guests can be downright annoying and frustrating. Here are a few things some annoying guests do at weddings that couples hate.

Bringing Uninvited guests:

Hello, it’s not your wedding, na that’s just very rude and being inconsiderate to the couple, this happens in Nigeria a lot, you plan for 100 people and 200 guests show up, you keep wondering where the others came from and most times these guests become untraceable thieves at weddings. We need to do better pliss dears.

Photobombing official photos:

We know guests love pictures, but could you allow the photographer to do his job instead of ruining a perfect picture, pliss dears?

Taking selfies during the wedding ceremony

Calm down, you don’t have to take the perfect selfie during the wedding ceremony, there is a reason why it’s a solemn ceremony and please put your phones on silent, ringing phones are just rude.

Dressing down to weddings

Can you take a little effort to dress to a wedding and not just wear jeans or stay at home clothes, common now, that’s very tacky.

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Rushing or loudly demnding for food”

We know you are hungry, but pliss dears, do not throw away your home training for food and don’t go complaining to the couple that you haven’t eaten, be nice and let them enjoy their day.

Refusing to participate

If the MC asks you to do something that is within your power, dont be haughty, just do it, you owe the couple that much to make their day fun anyhow you can.

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