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Are you feeling sad because you’re stuck at home due to the coronavirus lockdown? don’t be. We at the waka waka diary-blog has curated funny airline stories of first-time travelers.

Being inside an airplane for the first time has its funny moments; from those who are scared of heights to those who feel nauseous or plain silly at that, we present to you these stories.

Do not allow frequent travelers intimidate you, they were once first-timers too.

Here comes the funny stories:

Travelers Share The Times Rude Passengers Got Taught A Lesson

Name Judy, First flight,1986 age 36, Boston to Orlando on Delta.

Scared out of my mind. I was given a valium, and it did NOTHING. The results of my nervousness, was a really bad case of the giggles. My poor sister sat next to me. I wasn’t laughing loudly, just laughing at everything and anything. The poor flight attendant asked me if I wanted coffed , and I laughed so hard I couldn’t talk, so big sister became my interpereter,ie (yes she wants coffee, no she doesn’t take sugar). that lady was soooo patient. Big sis explained that it was my first flight, and I was a wreck. She says at one point, I was remarking about how you could actually see clouds.(OMG)!!

Anyhoo, as we were making our descent, I was oblivious, to the fact that it had beemn announced, and I said, “Judy the plane is tipping’s tipping down.” She was just very calm and told me it was customary, because we were LANDING!..

The attendant was very nice when we landed, and brought me into the cockpit to inroduce me to the pilot (like a was 5 years old), and when I got in there,I was so stunned by the fact that he was so handsome, plus the fact that I was still a wreck, that I was just about speechless. He asked me how I enjoyed my flight, and as God as my witness, I was trying to be cool and sophisticated, but I actually said….” Hey, we were really wayyyy up there today huh”?? The guy was very quick with the wit and told me that they try go up pretty high, so they clear the trees and not knock any chinmeys down. What a laff riot. Life is great when you can laugh at yourself.


Travelers Share The Times Rude Passengers Got Taught A Lesson

My very first flight was on a small plane flying from Lilongwe (in Malawi) to Villa Coutinho (in Mozambique) … I was just a kid.

During the flight the stewardess came round with a large tray of drinks, tall glasses filled with Coca Cola and lots of ice. There was some serious turbulence and as my luck would have it, the lady lost her balance and the entire tray fell on me! I was soaked through, big bump on the head from the glass and ice cubes all over the place. I had to leave the plane on arrival wearing my PJs as this was the only change of clothes I had in my hand luggage. The most embarrassing day in my life!

I nearly peed in my pants reading some of the stories in this thread … the Granny one is sad and funny all at once.


Charles Dugan, Owner of American Image

I flew from Tampa/St. Pete to Seattle about 2 years ago. On the way back, one of the passengers seated near the back of the plane collapsed in their seat about 30 minutes after take-off. After some mysterious scurrying back and forth by the attendants, the pilot announced that one of the passengers needed emergency medical attention, and that we were diverting to an emergency landing. He also asked if there was a doctor on board. A young lady that was 2 seats in front of me immediately got up and ran to the back of the plane. Until then, she’d been engaged in an exciting chat with her friend, and while she looked to be only about 25-30 yrs old – turns out, she was an experienced EMT.

She administered CPR and got the guy breathing while the pilots did a very deep dive and made an emergency landing at an airfield in Alabama. We were met there by an ambulance crew on the airfield. The EMT team carried the large man up front and off of the plane. We waited about an hour for the plane to be inspected – turns out the pilot didn’t take time to dump fuel, and had landed with the plane that was heavier than the recommended landing weight. We topped off the fuel, and continued on to Seattle. Upon landing, the pilot announced that the gentleman had made it to the hospital alive and that the prognosis was hopeful.

Travelers Share The Times Rude Passengers Got Taught A Lesson

Tristan Pollock at Storefront

My now-wife was flying on a plane with me from Helsinki back to the US and we encountered one of the strangest experiences we’ve ever had with another passenger. An elderly grandmother was sitting behind us. My wife is 6’2” and often needs a bit of space, so she put her chair back to rest. The grandmother began shaking my wife’s seat violently, causing a major scene. It immediately woke my wife up out of her sleep. The flight attendant came by and was totally confused about the situation. This same thing happened two more times, and on the third time, the attendant accidentally spilled red wine on the elderly lady. The whole situation was crazy, and all of this happened within the first hour of a 13-hour flight!

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