7 Apps To Organize that clustered schedule

There are lots of tools that are truly helpful when it comes to handling your time. To ensure productivity, these apps I’m going to share will assist you manage your schedule

Trello: With Trello your projects are broken down into smaller tasks. For better effect, you can pair with another tool called Pomello; A time tracking app where you can monitor how much time is needed to complete each task. You can also take note of which tasks are more time-consuming.

Process Street: This can be used to house documentation. It also doubles as a checklist to make sure that no steps were skipped or missed for all of your processes.

Wunderlist is useful for personal and work use. This to-do app lets you create a set of tasks to be completed that you can also share with any device or person. You can create up to 25 sub-tasks under each main task. The paid version costs almost $5 a month and you have access to creating an unlimited amount of lists.

Outlook: You can use the calendar in Outlook because it is capable of integrating with your email. So when a colleague sends an invitation, you can accept the invitation and It will go into your calendar. However, avoid scheduling conflicts, you can input your personal schedule into Outlook.

Siri (reminders): When in rush, you can set up a reminder using Siri. For instance, “Siri, remind me to call Mom at 8:30.” With this you can never miss a task or errand.

ProofHub: It is an App that is very useful to organize work and life task. This tool is loaded with amazing features like time tracking, group chats, discussions and more.

Google calendar: Google Calendar keeps you on track and makes you purposeful in doing that task.

Aside from tools, I also recommend you pay attention to your daily processes. Document and optimize them so you can achieve your goals and complete your tasks efficiently.

Author: Amarachukwu Ogbonnaya

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